1. The Enviornment - We have always led the way on sustainability and green policies for the hotel and will continue to do so. Our membership scheme like the Green Hospitality programme are testament to that.

As part of our enviornmental focus, we reduction of single-use plastics and a reduction in our carbon footprint in the hotel are key objectives of ours. We don't think we can solve this all at once, but step by step we make improvements, often at a cost to the hotel which is a challenge for operations, but this is something we are willing to do. Single-use plastics are a major pollutant of our oceans and rivers, not only that, our reliance on them putting the enviornment in jeopardy in so many ways. As a large business in the area, we have the opportunity to lead the way and set an example for others to follow.

Here are 20 activites, big and small from an extensive growing list of what we have been up to.

  • Removal of milk portions in rooms
  • Romoval of plastic straws in bars
  • Replacement of single use toiletries to large refillable units
  • Removal of plastic laundry bags in rooms
  • Switch to slippers without plastic packaging
  • Organising an annual beach clean up
  • Supporting other local businesses in their switch to plastic free
  • Dsicounts on hot drinks for using resuable cips
  • Take away meal containers switched to compostable
  • Reusable cups, bottle and straws for sale in pantry
  • Paperless HR processes
  • Large reduction in accounts department paper systems
  • Switch to compostable coffee pods in rooms
  • Removal of plastic water bottles in room to glass, and then to refill stations.
  • Switch to Sustainable Bio LPG as our kitchen gas
  • Commitment to 100% renewable energy
  • No dig, low carbon release farming method in Armada Farm
  • Extensive native tree planting on Armada Farm 
  • Electric card charging points
  • Local supplier replacing internationally shipped produced at every opportunity

2. Well being of young people in the county through The Elevate Foundation. The Elevate Foundation is a dedicated philanthropic fund, founded by our owner John Burke, with the help of many of the Armada team, and has the aspiration of playing a small part in the wellness of young people in County Clare by funding the very best mental health and well- being in professionals in their fiels to connect young people in Co.Clare, through schools and youth organisations. Elevate fully funds mindfulness programmes, resilience workshops, powerful inspiration talks, annual YouthFest well-being events and other great initiatives as they arise. Elevate also advocates government for better youth mental health services in the country. For more information go to www.elevatefoundation.ie

3. Well being of people that work here- We are well aware of the importance of supporting all our teams mental health, and well-being. While we know the industry is a challenging enviornment to work in with peaks and troughs in business, along with irregualr hours, we know that we can work together to ensure the Armada is a great place to work. We have an active Wellness Programme that encourages, funds and organises active pursuits such as soccer, white-collar boxing, running and surfing. We often reward people along the way for participation. We encourage positive downtime during breaks and support various other activites including a knitting club. We support stop smoking, healthy eating, free counselling, work life balance, good rostering, positive communication, and have strong positions on areas such as bullying and harassment in the work place. We reward length of service. Our Wellbeing Programme is dynamic to the needs of the team, we communicate together on a closed Facebook group and on regular e-zines, hold annual Wellness AGM plus much more.

4. Community Support- We have and always will support community through support for sports, schools and the arts. In many other ways, we are active in organising events such as beach clean-ups, concerts, well-being evenings and much more. THe hotel has always been a focal point of the community. We won't forget where we have come from and always do our utmost to support our local area.