Armada House is of significant historical importance.  It was built around 1810 by local landlord Thomas Moroney and had various names over its' 200 year history to inclulde Sea View House, Spanish Point House, Armada House and McCauley House. It was a luxury residence during that time and it was often available to book as a summer residence for the landed gentry preceding an independent Ireland.  The Moroneys had a reputation of mixed reports from being important developers of the local infrastructure to holding significant roles in local and national goverance, but also too, as questionable landlords at times.  Since Armada Hotel acquired Armada House, we have undertaken some great historical research and uncovered some interesting stories.

In 1929, the House was donated to the Sisters of Mercy and was established as a school and boarding school preceding the main school being developed. In later years, it became part of Clarecare and was subsequently sold in 2015 and renovated extensively to become one of the best regarded premium country houses in Ireland.