Let our History become part of your history …

You’ll always have memories like that first glance, the first dance, the first kiss, the first time you were entranced by the Armada Hotel and thought ‘that’s the One’. The first time a hotel stood on the Cliffs where the Armada now stands, it was called the Atlantic Hotel, built in 1808, and for a while, holder of the title ‘Biggest Hotel on the British Isles’.

A commanding presence perched on a clifftop over its namesake, the majestic Atlantic Ocean.  The Atlantic Hotel warmly welcomed the gentry, royalty and clergy of Ireland and Europe until 1919.  Almost 50 years later, the Armada’s Johnny Burke bought what remained of the Atlantic and a roadside shebeen pub and history recommenced.  To this day, the original licence for the historic Atlantic Hotel is still in use at the Armada.

At the Armada Hotel, we remember our first wedding too.  Very well actually.  Indeed some of our current staff were on duty the day that Nessa O’Brien married Brendan Sexton in 1984.  They also remember that because we were starting anew, and didn’t have accommodation yet and our newly married couple had to go home in the early hours.  Thankfully, some things have changed since then!

Everything starts somewhere.  The Atlantic Hotel…. The Armada Hotel

The voyage of your life together