We want to give you a taste of our location where possible with every bite, we spend our down time finding suppliers, experimenting on dishes, connecting suppliers together, and tasting great drinks, not a bad time to be working here!  Some of the exciting people that we work with include Moy hill Farm (we were their first customer), Western Herd (their first customer too!), the award winning Burren Smokehouse, Pat O’Connor meats, Garrihy Seafood Doolin, St Tolas Cheese who we collaborate regularly, Taltys Sea vegetables, Achill oysters and many more.  We take it one step further too, we have our own Armada farm, where we grow with a no dig (low carbon) method, without the addition of any chemicals and with the benefit of lots of seaweed goodness.  We promise you, that everything we do with our food is with the customer, the locality and the environment in mind.  And for you, that means a great unique meal, with sustainable produce, served by a brigade of passionate chefs. 

Insider Tip  

PS- everywhere has got to have signature dishes right, here are our insider tips, Johnny Burkes- Chowder, Ocean Bar- the three tiers of the Galleon, 

Pearl Restaurant- the Chocolate Bomb.

Ocean Bar – Bo & Bainne icecream