The Ocean Bar at Armada Hotel West Clare

What first grabs your attention will be the dazzling spectacle of the Atlantic, whether sparkling in the sunshine or seething in a storm, while you settle in to enjoy a drink or a relaxed dining experience in the Ocean Bar and Bistro. Take morning coffee with a melt-in-the-mouth home baked scone or pastry from our own Armada pantry; choose lunch or an evening meal from our irresistible menus - seasonal dishes from the sea like Flaggy Shore Wild Mussels or "The Galleon", 3 tiers of the finest local seafood with hot and cold  options. From the land, North Clare beef, served with a choice of mouthwatering sauces, or succulent locally cured beal-ini (local bites). All of our menu items are Irish, sourced in Co. Clare, where possible - from our cheeses, to our vegetables, to our sweet dessert treats.

Why not step outside and breathe deeply of the sea air on our terrace where you can host a sumptuous BBQ celebration for any occasion?
Sip a drink, experience the tastes of West Clare and simply enjoy with friends as the sun sets over the ocean and evening stars begin to twinkle, at the Ocean Bar.

Click here to download a PDF of our Ocean Bistro menu

Click here to download a PDF of Armada Weekend Brunch



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