Mist + Moss 

When we decided to lead a gin project we wanted it to be truly unique, and sure enough it is.  Our first batch was just released in December 2019, and it has been a huge hit. A few things make this gin truly unique.  Firstly, we have sustainbly foraged botanicals from the Burren by Edward and Avery from Thali food, we are actually the first Irish Gin tp be produced with wild juniper.  We pick other botanicals on Armada Farm, and our friends from Moy Hill Farm supply others, making this a true taste of West Clare. You see we know the sea influences everything that grows around here, and gin pays hommage to that.  Secondly, we plant a tree for every bottle sold, making this completely carbon neutral, a gin with a conscience so to speak!



To celebrate 50 years of the Armada we worked with local whiskey bonders, JJ Corry, led by Ireland's only female Whiskey Entrepreneur, Louise McGuane. The result, driven by our bar team through tastings and testing under Louise’s guidance, was the  ‘Armada Fifty’ series, a much celebrated and in demand tipple by Irish Whiskey Connoisseurs. We are continuing the tradition of collaboration, with the aspiration to ensure this becomes an annual release with a newly titled whiskey each year.