A passion project by the Armada, to create the ultimate off grid style camper for exploring West Clare.  Working with Vanderlust, a Clare based specialist firm who customise and build campers, the team at the Armada brought their inspiration and ideas with the experience from Vanderlust, to create a unique camper.  This mid-size camper is perfect for two people who appreciate the finer things in life such as glorious views, exploring nature and time in the great outdoors.  Pack light, with an open mind and this experience will deliver a great short escape.  Where you go is your choice, but we take great inspiration from what West Clare has to offer, the back roads of Loop Head, a quieter less explored part of the county, a European destination of excellence in aquatic tourism, panoramic cliff views, abundant local seafood, quiet beauty spots. 

We have built our offering around two short term bookings, to bring hotel standard service to a campervan experience, the Weekend Break allows for early pick up on Friday, and a late return on Sunday, giving a full opportunity to make the most of a weekend away. 

The living will never seem micro if your imagination stretches beyond the confines of the vehicle, if you see this vehicle as a connection point to all that is around you, then this is for you, whether it's sea swims, cliffs walks, hikes, bikes or runs, we want this vehicle to be your access point to the amazing experiences of the Banner county.

Wake up to a hot cuppa under the awning and a rasher wrapped in a slice of bread, enjoy the comforts of a great driving van, that’s not too big to make you feel uncomfortable. Park up at your leisure, enjoy a cold beer as the sun goes down from the deck chair, you will never miss a sunset, enjoy a great meal in a local establishment before curling up in snug bed to you choice of music, movie or jus the sound of the sea, whatever floats your boat!