The Armada is about to embark on a very exciting journey in January 2021!

Our vision is to redefine the idea of a hotel by creating three completely different unique spaces, providing our guests with three completely different experiences all under one roof, whilst ensuring comfort and elegance through every door.

We aim to create spaces that feel atmospheric even when modernately occupied, spaces with elegant interiors re-imagined with an unmistakably contemporary and personal feel.

Cocktail Bar and Lounge

Contemporary yet still authentic interiors, the cocktail bar/lounge will be a place to relax, eat and drink. When the sun sets, this space will come to life serving drinks and infusions made with the freshest ingredients in the most intimate of meeting places.

Key Features:  State of the art Cocktail Bar and a welcoming stove

New Restaurant

Here it begins with the soil.  Our Armada Farm and Moyhil farm will feed our new restaurant through its' open kitchen, directed by the culinary imagination of our Executive Head Chef Peter Jackson. This brand new developement will celebrate simplicity, the seasons and sense of place with spectacular floor to ceiling views.

Key features:  Floor to Ceiling Windows, Wine Cellar and Open Kitchen

Pre/Post Wedding Reception Area

Weddings are everything to us here and we love to host them!  This space will be designed in a way to host the very best Pre and Post Wedding receptions, tailored to your every need.

Key features:  Privatised terraced area on the Atlantic Edge, State of Art Cocktail bar and Open Kitchen pass and dance floor

On the walls of our current Pearl restaurant, you can view the prepared mood boards of the floor layout and initial concepts of the 'look and feel' of the proposed new Cocktail Bar and Lounge, our new restaurant and Pre Wedding arrivals area.

We hope you like our plans and we look forward to welcoming you to share our journey as we bring Armada 2021 to life.